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About us.

Masters in the Art of Protection

At Nitro® our philosophy is simple: to meet riders' needs by offering top quality motorcycle helmets and apparel at unbelievably affordable prices.

At Nitro® we are not interested in the latest fads or gimmicks, our promise to you is that you will only find the most relevant design features, construction methods and materials in every product. For over 15 years we have been styling, designing, engineering and researching helmets from our in house technology centre. Every helmet starts in our hands and is manufactured using our specified tools, materials and construction processes.

When you live on the track or in the dirt, it's the small things that can irritate or hinder your riding - we won't accept that for ourselves and we certainly don't expect you to.

The beginning

Nitro® exploded out of the beautiful English Lake District and onto the international motorcycle scene at the start of the Millennium and turned the helmet market on its head forever. Company founder George Lloyd, already a successful name within the motor industry for over 50 years, saw the opportunity in a market dominated by expensive brand names. Within years of inception Nitro® had sold over 5 million helmets into 60 countries worldwide based on this value philosophy - high end specifications and features of the market leaders but at affordable prices everyday bikers and enthusiasts wanted.

Today the brand continues this trajectory offering a wide collection of products based on this founding principle. Nitro® - a name you can have confidence in whatever you ride, wherever you ride it.

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